Mac Amazon Browser

Key Features

  • Browse and search all 6 international Amazon online stores
  • Browse by categories
  • Search by titles, keywords, etc
  • Refine search
  • Bookmark items and lists
  • Add and configure categories


Mac OS X 10.6 or greater (Intel only)

Different way of shopping on

Browse and search online stores using intuitive and straightforward interface of this desktop application. You can easily find your favorite books, electronics or other items.

Mac Amazon Browser

This application allows you to find items on Amazon using iTunes like interface.
You can navigate through categories and subcategories to browse items, or you can search categories using various item attributes, like title, keywords, author, artist, etc.
Using an advanced search you can specify several attributes at a time.
The application allows also to compare prices from different sellers. You can view customer ratings and customer feedback for a seller as well.

The application fetches data from Amazon fully asynchronously, so this does not block the user interface – you don’t need to wait for load to complete before selecting another category or item.

The application provides convenient navigation through the search results.
You can use just arrow keys to go through items in a fetched list of items, without navigating back to list to view the next or previous item, as you do in a web browser.

For an item the application shows item attributes, editorial reviews, customer reviews, if any, and similar items.
For a customer review you can also see all the reviews of that customer (in US only).

To buy an item you go to detail page, which brings you to an Amazon website.

Note. Mac Amazon Browser will stop working on or around Oct 25 2011 due to the changes in the Amazon requirements for their API use.