Artwork Gofer

Get missing artwork for your iTunes music and e-books

This easy to use application allows to find missing artworks for your iTunes albums and e-book and add them to the albums tracks and to the e-books. You can get artwork for selected music tracks or e-books, or you can simply find all the missing artwork for your entire iTunes library.

To search artwork for selected tracks or e-boks, select any number of tracks or e-books in iTunes, then select the Search Artwork menu command in the iTunes Scripts menu.

After artwork is found for an album or an e-book, you select a cover image you like and click the Add Artwork button to add this artwork to the album’s tracks (or to the e-book). And you don’t need to wait for the whole search to complete. As soon as an artwork is found for a particular album, you can add it.

Artwork Gofer also makes it easy to find artwork with low resolution in your iTunes and replace it with a better one.

If for some reason no artwork was found for an album or e-book, you always can alter the album’s title and/or artist in the Artwork Gofer application (not in iTunes – iTunes remains unchanged) and search again.

Artwork Gofer fetches artwork images from You can select particular Amazon store in the application’s preferences. All 6 Amazon stores are supported: US, CA, DE, FR, JP, UK.

System requirements:
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or greater.

Note. The application will stop working on or around Oct 25 2011 due to the changes in the Amazon requirements for their API use.